Brand Identity

It’s all about you!

It is time to synchronise your brand from offline to online and internal to external. Your brand identity is paramount and should reflect exactly your company’s mission and vision.


Here at House Graphics we will work with you to create a strong identity that encapsulates who you are as a company and how you want to be perceived by your audience. We will fully understand your business to help you make your brand recognised and trusted.

Every company has an identity, which is made of individual components like the name, the design, images used, branded colours and your company’s vision. This is all used to set you apart from your competitors.

Having a consistent brand identity will not only help set you apart but it will raise your brand awareness and recognition. Your customers should be able to identify your brand by images, colours and logo without having to search for a name, so it is your duty to create a recognised brand.

Here at House of Graphics we offer a brand design service to help you realise your brand potential. Through a close relationship with you we will help to create a brand image that will get you noticed.

Call us today on 01480 861 678 and find out how we can help you identify with your target market through building a strong and engaging brand.

Brand Naming

Branding design goes beyond the surface graphics. A corporate brand identity is the whole personality of a product, company or organisation. Everything from the name, the identity, the colours and the tone of voice all form part of a brand identity development. How a brand behaves, its employees and its mythology are all assets with commercial value.


Users connect with brands with head and heart and the most memorable brands usually combine a strong appeal to both. Effective brand identity development usually creates well differentiated identities. Others may follow these are ‘me too’ brands. You may not like a brand – if you do, that’s great! – But if you remember it – for whatever reason – then it has worked.

Brand Values

We can help you define or redefine your company brand values, perception and personality. This may include researched and tested subtle or evolutionary development of existing brands for new audiences and new media. The conceptual birth of new brands as well as and the extension and articulation of brands into new markets and territories.